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The use of anabolic steroids is at an all time high. This is not just according to the steroid dealers and gym owners that I know but it’s apparent from the correspondence that I receive these days, especially when people are making plans for the coming season and asking for advice.  I’ve never condoned the use of steroids but I have also never condemned it as I think that it’s less dangerous than some of the other things that people do to their bodies these days like heavy drinking, smoking, eating junk food and taking other recreational drugs like cocaine.  So here is a balanced view on the subject along with a few harsh truths, for those that have asked for my advice and those that are thinking about it.

“It’s just a few Anavar” – It doesn’t matter if it’s a few pills or a course of injections, the minute you take any drug that is on the banned substance list you will not be accepted as a drug free competitor for about 10 years.  Different federations have different time limits but most lifetime drug free athletes will never accept you as being drug free again.  You’re either drug free or you’re not, there is nothing in between so make the choice and follow the road that you choose.  Do what’s best for you.

“I need it to grow for a show” – Growth during show prep will always be minimal at best simply because you are dieting and therefore not eating enough to grow.  Non tested athletes will often take a course of bulking gear during the off season and then, after a short break, take different drugs during show prep to maintain what they have built in the off season whilst they are dieting for a show. That’s why people are always bigger and heavier off season than when they compete.

“It’s just one cycle” – Lets be clear, steroids are the bomb and the first course of gear that you do will be the best one BUT only as long as your diet, training and everything else is right, steroids alone are not magic.  Also, it’s very rare for someone to do one course and never do another, that’s why they’re referred to as ‘cycles’.  It’s not uncommon for someone to do a 10 week course during show prep, followed by a short break to dry out for the show, then a new course for rebound straight after the show, then a break and then back on it for an off season course and / or another show prep course.  Think about it, if you did that what percentage of the year would you be using hard drugs?

“I don’t believe about the side effects” – Some people are blessed, not just lucky, actually blessed to never have any side effects from taking steroids.  I know because I’m one of them but I also know plenty of others who have suffered bad side effects and if you look around the gym you’ll see it too.  There are a list of things that give it away, just research the side effects of AAS and then look at some people in your gym.  Hair loss, bad teeth, signs of premature ageing, the list goes on and that’s just a few of the things that you can see from the outside.  I’ve also known a few people that have had worse side effects than that, I’m talking about internal organ failures, heart attacks, vascular and fertility problems just to name a few, many at a young age too.  Saddest of all is the pros who you read about with alarming regularity in the obituary columns.  Take too many drugs and you will die before your time, sorry if that upsets you but it is nevertheless true.

“You’re still big so you must still be on it” – Not really.  I still train hard and eat properly but won’t compete again so I don’t need to be on it.  However, like literally millions of other men over 40 I am having medically prescribed TRT. That’s not for bodybuilding purposes, I’m headed for my 60th birthday and I still enjoy a very active life so TRT is great for that. If it helps me in the gym too then that’s a bonus and if it means that people want to say that I only look like I do because I’m on the gear then you can imagine how many fucks I give about that.

Finally, my comments aren’t meant to sway you one way or the other, I have no problem with anyone taking steroids or any PED’s but I just like to let people know what they’re getting into if they decide to follow that route.  I’m not a hypocrite, I used steroids when I competed and have never made a secret of the fact.

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