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Stars 2013 solo (2) Had my first Instagram argument and it felt good. Basically, a friend of mine in the UK paid some Instafamous ‘online coach’ £500 as she wanted to compete this year. For that she got a diet which I had to alter and a text message once a week. Recent text messages told my friend to take large doses of Anavar and Clenbuterol and the most recent one was that my friend should wait another six months before competing; this despite the ‘coach’ not actually seeing her for over a year. I took over her prep a few weeks ago and she has already made more progress in those three weeks than in the previous year. So today, after receiving up to date pictures, the ‘coach’ posted the pictures of my friend claiming all of the credit. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a saying “the athlete does all the work so the athlete deserves 100% of the credit. In the past I have coached people to wins in shows and they have asked if they can mention me in their victory posts; I usually say no, I want all of the glory to go to the person who has suffered, not me. After all I do the easy bit and I enjoy it, I don’t need validation, my 10 wins as a competitor and even more wins than that as a coach is more important to me.
I wouldn’t ordinarily mention any of this but the ‘coach’ in question has now blocked me from her Instagram and deleted all of my comments, looks like the truth hurts some people but at least she can now go back to her cosy little world where people don’t call her out on her bullshit and she can carry on the pretence that she knows what she’s doing despite the fact that she has never ever coached anyone that has won anything. If this is the way the fitness industry works in the UK then I’m very glad that I am no longer part of it, I’ll always call out bullshit whenever I see it and have no regard for the consequences, doing that has served me well my whole life so I won’t change now.

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