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Sing When You’re Winning

“What has he won?”. I saw this comment a few days ago by Patrick Neve on a post that was glorifying the latest ‘internet sensation’ and it made me think about just how many levels on which Pat was right. Firstly, for those that don’t know Pat, he has an outstanding competitive record and is one of the golden generation of bodybuilders. The era of Arnie, Lou, Franco, Sergio, Frank, Serge and all the others including Pat, that first interested me in the sport; although it was many years before I ever lifted a weight in the hope of looking anything like those bodybuilding stars of that time. I’ve always admired his physique but as you can see from the pictures I never achieved anything like the size or shape that Pat did and the only reason that I would even mention us both in the same sentence is to say that as we’re both old school and retired we maybe see things from a different perspective than others, which brings me back to his comment.

When you look at the multitude of advice on social media these days, there are a small minority of excellent people who have won good quality shows. When I say good quality I won’t mention any federations by name but we all know who have been the big federations from the past and the ones that are regarded as very top quality these days. Now there are a plethora of people who have won nothing with any of the big federations and many who have won nothing at all yet they all still like to regularly post self congratulatory stuff about themselves. This makes me wonder why if you’ve never won anything then why should someone come to you to ask you how to win a show? Whilst it ‘s true that your knowledge and dedication in the bodybuilding world is always reflected in your own physique it is even more reflected in your achievements. In any sport those that have been there and done it will always have an advantage over those that haven’t.

I’m posting this now because at this time of year when both NABBA and UKBFF both have big events coming up, it’s a good time to understand that when you take advice for these events or indeed afterwards reflect on the season that you’ve had and you get constructive criticism to help you then you should be selective about who’s advice you take. Remember, where it comes from really is as important as what it is. After all, opinions are like a holes, everybody’s got one, and in my competitive days I soon realised that the only ones worth listening to are those of successful people who have proved that they are the kind of winning bodybuilder that I aspired to be. I always looked up and listened to those who had proved that they were above me, not those who just said or thought that they were.

Therein lies the problem for many people. If somebody gives you advice and their only qualification is the publicity that they write for themselves you really should ignore it and seek help from someone who can give you a list of their achievements as a competitor and a coach. I will say no names but if you look around it is often the same coaches, same competitors and the same gyms that are getting the wins at the big shows while the selfie publicity brigade are concentrating on the bottom of the range contests and then telling everyone how great they are for getting a place and a pro card that means nothing.

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