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The 50 to 1 ratio. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but now is a particularly good time as later this week I will commence coaching someone that I have wanted to work with since the day that I met her. This is simply because although she has never trained or dieted properly I truly believe that she has the potential to be good enough to compete in either figure or bikini IF she can only stick to the diet. Many people have the required work ethic and some have said to me that they will work their butts off in the gym and do whatever I say to make up for their bad diet. I tell all of these people the same thing, I’m good but I’m not Jesus and then I politely kick their ass to the kerb. Look, you cannot “out train” a bad diet, it just won’t happen, and one bad meal won’t make you fat just as one healthy meal won’t get you into shape but you can have cheat meals on a good diet and that’s where the 50 to 1 ratio comes into it.
Everyone is different of course and using this formula you can work out your own ratio but my ratio of healthy meals to cheat meals is 50 to 1. That’s because I feed 7 times a day and I have an extra feed on legs day, that makes 50 feeds a week. At the end of the week, after I’ve had 50 clean and healthy feeds I’m due for a cheat meal both physically and mentally. After the cheat meal I’m ready to do it all over again, it’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle and it’s how, at the age of 58 I can keep my weight at 252 lbs and my body fat at 15%. I don’t expect to ever look as good again as I did in this pic a few years ago when I became NAC British Open Champion but using this ratio in my diet and training as hard as possible means that I’ll get as near to it as I can.

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