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October 2010 (3) 18557190_10158674326990058_5578551302486565145_n Weekends are always eventful as most of us have a bit more spare time so it’s then that I manage to keep in touch with a lot of people that I have helped over the years. I’ve always done this free of charge and people are generally grateful and always get good results. This weekend consisted of, apart from the usual stuff, a phone call to Australia to help an old friend, Rose Wyatt, whose coach disappeared very close to show time. As Rose lives in Australia my work with her has been very limited but I was glad that she contacted me after being let down in that way. I’ve never believed in the whole “peak week” thing but the last 48 hours before a show is very important as you need to dry out and for me the best way to do that is using natural methods. I once tried doing it using a diuretic called Aldactone and that actually just smoothed me over (see pic) so I would never recommend diuretics to anyone. Anyway we had approximately 30 hours to work with and in that time I managed to calm her down, stop the cortisol, throw out her coaches last minute plans and dry her out in time for her show. After doing this she looked the best that she ever has (see better pic) and she got a great result, I’m very proud of her, the work that she has put in since we first met and to be a very small part of her amazing transformation. I was telling someone here about it yesterday and the question came up (again) as to why I won’t do online coaching or show prep. So for the record, here are the reasons why.
Firstly, it is NOT because by doing it for free I’m costing so called “coaches” their next client. A lot of these “online coaches” with no coaching record don’t have a clue what they are doing and they should step up their act and win a few shows if they want to be taken seriously. Anyone that really knows what they’re talking about will generally offer one to one coaching as a preferred option wherever possible because coaching, especially show prep coaching, has to be literally a hands on experience. Fat has to be physically pinched to see if the diet is working or if it needs adjusting. Posing has to be viewed close up from every angle to see what the judges will see, photos and videos only have a limited use. Workouts have to be organised to make sure that the weak areas are being properly targeted. Style and form needs to be analysed to ensure that you’re getting the maximum from every set and workouts need to be constructively criticised because otherwise you will doubtless get things wrong, especially if you’re dieting. Another very important thing, again more than ever during show prep, is the management of your mental attitude. You need someone to tell you straight what is really going on, someone to talk you through a lot of different stuff without the gym know it all (who has never won anything at all in his life) interfering with what you do. It doesn’t have to be a crazy 300 pound African who shouts at you like Edward Abbew but I always found that to work brilliantly for me. All of this is just an extension of what I always say about coaches and others that you can learn from in the gym. A persons knowledge of this sport is reflected in their achievements and their physique. If they don’t look anything and have never won anything then what makes you think that they can make a winner out of you? I’ve said this in many articles before I know but us old people do tend to repeat ourselves.
So with all of that in mind, even with the wonders of Skype, Whatsapp and assorted social media, although I’m always more than happy to give free advice where I can to those who ask for it I will never take full responsibility for anyone’s coaching, far less their show prep, unless I can actually get in the gym with them and go through absolutely every aspect of what they are doing. When I owned my gym and ever since, I’ve had a good record of coaching winners who have worked closely with me, there have been very few who started off with me and then stopped because they thought that they knew it all themselves and none of them to this date have ever won anything.
Having said that, social media is riddled with stories of people who have paid a lot of money to “online experts” who have promised them the world and then delivered nothing. This has lead to more and more people coaching and prepping themselves these days and I have total respect for anyone that can do that and get winning results as it’s far more difficult than it sounds. I could never tell people not to do that if they thought it was the best thing to, after all I’ve had a very successful life before, during and after my bodybuilding career and much of that is because I’ve spent a lot of time proving people wrong who thought that they knew better than me about various things. However, if you do decide that getting professional help is the route that you want to take and you do want to appoint a coach please take your time and look at every aspect of what they will do with you. I have known some people pay money to receive diet and training plans from “coaches” that they have never and will never meet. That might sound ridiculous but I assure you that it is true. I hear this and I just picture these so called “online coaches” sitting there recycling the same plans for new money from different people. I’m a cynical old man I know but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong I can assure you.

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