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As another season draws towards a close firstly we have to all accept and embrace the massive changes in the sport, the tide seems to have turned so learn to swim with it before it drowns you. With that in mind now is the best time to reflect on the past season and think about goals for the new one that will be upon us in about 4 months’ time. I’m speaking more to the ladies than anyone else really and with good cause. I’ve previously said that it’s the womens classes that are putting bums on seats at shows more than ever these days, something that was unthinkable during my competitive years but nonetheless that is the way that it is these days like it or not. In fact at some shows there are actually more female competitors than male, again this was previously unthinkable but is now an undisputed fact. So with so many women competing and only a handful of first places available surely picking the right class and training to meet the criteria that the judges are instructed to look for has to be the number one priority.

I get fed up with idiots making stupid statements like “the judges always get it wrong”, oh yeah? And people looking at pictures on Facebook are experts are they? Like I said, idiots. I will be the first to admit that in a very few cases in certain federations and certain shows politics does play a small part, but taking into account the amount of federations, shows and classes these days the judges overwhelmingly usually get it right. You have to remember that all judges are told what to look for and what to mark up and mark down. In most cases the criteria isn’t very much different from federation to federation and class to class. What is different is peoples interpretation of what they think the judges are looking for. It is a minefield for sure and I have actually prepped people for shows using a template that they have given me only to find that the judging criteria is different to that template. This leads me to my main point ladies, with so many classes being created to accommodate so many athletes what do you aspire to be, what do you consider to be the most prestigious title, what exactly is it that you desire to look like and do you do it to become a champion in a specific class or mainly to be happy with what you see in the mirror?

This is an even more densely packed minefield so I will tread carefully and start off by saying that I’m asking questions and in no way offering any answers. For me, a champion is a champion, whatever the class is. However, a lot of people that I have spoken to do not agree with that. There are divisions among womens opinions, yes shocking I know, and some are quite vocal about it. Are the bikini girls really “just anorexic” or “just tits and teeth”. Are figure or physique athletes “too muscly”? Like I said, to me it makes no difference at all and I can see the attraction of all the different womens classes but, to go back to my original point, I wonder if now is a good time for everyone to think about next season with an open mind; and I do mean everyone.

Some of the squat phobic bikini boys could actually become very good classic class bodybuilders if they could live without their abs and their selfies for a few months while they bulk up and grow legs. Some bikini girls could take on the challenge of building some muscle and think about the more figure orientated classes and some of the figure girls who for some reason will not diet hard enough could think about doing bikini. You pay your money and you take your choice of course but it’s really about doing what makes you comfortable. My number 1 protégé in America looks stunning at 130 lbs but she won’t be happy until she gets down to 120 lbs, this completely sets the mode for her diet and training of course and I’m fine with that. Like I said, it’s whatever makes you comfortable but as I always tell people, what the scales say are just a reflection of the relationship that your body has with gravity, if you are happy with what you see in the mirror then that’s all that really matters.

The pictures are of two ladies that I am fortunate enough to have coached in recent years, they have both won multiple titles, one at figure and one at bikini and both worked incredibly hard to win their shows, I am very proud of both of them. For me, it shows that the transition from one class to another is certainly possible, although not easy. I firmly believe that with the right mindset, right target and of course the right coaching anything is possible. With the amount of federations and classes available now anyone can potentially be a winner as long as they can be honest enough with themselves about what is achievable with the physique that they currently have and equally importantly, whether they would be happy with the end result, looking as they would with the physique that they are setting out to achieve. After that it’s just a matter of dedication, desire, belief and doing whatever it takes to reach the target that you have set yourself.

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