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The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

As I’m currently on an enforced rest break and a few people have asked me to start writing these again here are some of my thoughts on the current state of the British bodybuilding scene.

First of all I have to admit that I have been too quick to dismiss the bikini boys and girls, they are clearly now the future of the sport as less and less people try for the all out bodybuilder look. If shows these days were strictly bodybuilding then they would be very small shows as the competitors in the full bodybuilding classes seem to dwindle more and more with every season and the people that pay to put their bums on the seats are there to watch the pretty boys and pretty girls more than anything else, at domestic level at the very least. The standards in these categories are improving every season too, especially in the bikini classes, the girls these days are in general much better than they were when the bikini thing first became part of the UKBFF / IFBB in the days that I was winning shows with them and that is a testament to the hard work that is put in by so many ladies today.

Bodybuilding will always be my first love though and I will always be an old school hard core bodybuilder, I’m too old to change that now. Even if I am coaching some excellent bikini champions including the current PCA British over 35’s champion, the thing that I will always relish the most is turning bikini boys into classic bodybuilders and bikini girls into figure competitors. I enjoy this so much because it can be done drug free as long as the athlete has the dedication and is prepared to put in the work to make it happen. Let’s be honest, in many cases bodybuilding has become chemical warfare and although I have always been honest about my small amount of steroid use, the levels that it has reached today are higher than anything that I would want to be a part of. (Hey, I got to the end of the third paragraph before I pissed anyone off, that’s progress, right?)

The picture was taken on Sunday November 20th at the second Coresport Classic, an excellent grassroots show which I was honoured to be part of both last year and this, in fact it’s one of the main reasons why I’m back from America at the moment. This year I was judging whereas last year I was MC as I had people competing in all classes so couldn’t be a judge. There is no doubt that the MC job is great fun but the judging is incredibly hard work. Much more so when the standard was even higher than last year and the various categories all have their own unique criteria. Every class was close but the short bikini was the hardest and it took us quite a while to sort out a winner as there was so very little to choose between all of the competitors. I think that the experienced panel of judges got it right in all classes but it is heartbreaking to see people that have worked so hard and look so good going home with only a medal. All that I can say is that every single competitor yesterday earned a huge amount of respect from every single person there, especially me, I wish that I could have given them all a winners trophy, they were all winners just by looking so amazing and having such a tremendous attitude. Grassroots shows and the people that compete in them are the future of an ever changing sport and they are the shows that I go to these days. I meet so many brilliant new friends, there are no pretentions and no politics, just a bunch of like minded people enjoying their day and receiving the appreciation that they so richly deserve for the hard work that they have put in. Well done again to everyone, and thank you all for making it such a great day.

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