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Thank you for visiting my official website, I did actually take down the old one as I’m now retired but a lot of people have asked me to keep something online as they still like my stuff so here it is.abs-thighs

I’m now officially retired, this site is no longer monitored and for that reason there is no longer any contact page but I still stay in touch with the hundreds of friends that I made during my many happy and successful years as a bodybuilder and coach.  The sport has been good to me and I am blessed to have met & still know so many lovely people and have the life that I have.  I’ve actually had more wins as a coach than as a competitor but I’ve stopped coaching now for various reasons.  The special feature called “Why I Took My Ball” explains a lot of the reasons why.

This game is all about winning, second place is the first loser. I’ve had many placings but I don’t ever brag about them and I won’t even list them, instead here are my 10 competition titles.

◾IBFA Mr. Hampshire 2015 – Winner
◾UKBFF Midlands Championships 2013 –Winner
◾UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012 – Winner
◾UKBFF Midlands Championships 2012 –Winner
◾UKBFF Body Power Expo 2011 – Winner
◾NAC UK Open 2011 – Winner (British Title)
◾UKBFF Body Power Expo 2010 – Winner
◾UKBFF London & South East championships 2010 – Winner
◾UKBFF Mr. Hercules 2009 – Winner
◾UKBFF London & South East championships 2009 – Winner

These days as I approach my 60th Birthday I train as hard as ever, stay reasonably lean and eat clean to keep in shape. I’m 115 kilos at 15% body fat and I’m enjoying life more than ever without having to worry about upcoming shows. I still love training and helping people and I also still write when I have time to and post new articles on here very occasionally.

This new website contains all of the “Special Features” that I have written in the past and I’ll post anything new that I write too. I still occasionally write blogs and post them sometimes, of course it’s nothing like I used to when the blog had thousands of people worldwide looking at it every week. My old show pictures plus the videos that are on YouTube or The Active Channel have pages of their own as well.  The site also features all of the TV documentaries too as they have proved very popular and have been watched by literally millions of people.  I’ve never understood their popularity but I am grateful for every one of the views.

Thanks again for visiting.