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Although now officially retired and living in the USA Kevan visits the UK regularly to see the many friends that he has made during his years as a successful bodybuilder and he still coaches in both the USA and the UK with many winners on his coaching record. This game is all about winning and his own 10 competition titles are listed below.

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◾IBFA Mr. Hampshire 2015 – Winner
◾UKBFF Midlands Championships 2013 –Winner
◾UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012 – Winner
◾UKBFF Midlands Championships 2012 –Winner
◾UKBFF Body Power Expo 2011 – Winner
◾NAC UK Open 2011 – Winner
◾UKBFF Body Power Expo 2010 – Winner
◾UKBFF London & South East championships 2010 – Winner
◾UKBFF Mr. Hercules 2009 – Winner
◾UKBFF London & South East championships 2009 – Winner